Women Breathable Walking Sandals

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-Say goodbye to sore and achy feet -Keeps your feet dry and comfy -Perfect for any outdoor activity -Great traction and grip - rain or shine -Modern comfort and style -Suitable for spring and summer -This style is perfect for ladies of all ages SLIDE YOUR FEET INTO CLOUD! It's so annoying having sore feet and heels after a long day at work. out shopping with friends. or simply walking your dog. Imagine never having to struggle with achy feet again with the Sandals providing you with the comfort and support you need all day long. WALK COMFORTABLY AND PAIN-FREE Flexible. light. stylish and SUPER COMFY! You can stay on your feet all day without any pain. The innovative ortho-cushion system with premium orthotic insole and ergnomic cushioning sole soften impacts. making every step you take soothing with comfort. The sandals are non-slip and anti-skid providing great traction and grip with no slipping or sliding. ENJOY ANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY Ultra-light and flexible with an easy slip-on design that's both waterproof and durable so you'll enjoy your favorite activity comfy and pain-free. Perfect for long days on your feet. walking your dog. or any number of daily activities like nursing. camping. fishing. gardening. shopping. cooking. and even traveling! NEW ADAPTIVE SOLE DESIGN Our unique adaptive sole gently embraces your feet to effectively reduce foot and heel pain for all day comfort. Comfortable and supportive. our premium material improves the alignment of the foot and leg to enhance your comfort and help ease stress and pain on the heel. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1pair shoes