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Sushi Donut Shape Maker

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🍣PUT A FUN TWIST🍣 ON CLASSIC SUSHI! Get creative with cuisine using the Sushi Donut Shape Maker! The perfect kitchen accessory for the adventurous chef, this unique mold puts a fun twist on traditional sushi to create a special meal. Make sushi in seconds as this mold is designed to smoothly release perfect sushi with just one press. There’s less mess as it minimizes contact and has a non-stick inner texture. This easy-to-use sushi maker uses food-grade plastic that’s guaranteed safe and non-toxic. HIGHLIGHTS Donut Sushi - A unique mold that puts a fun twist on traditional sushi for a special meal. Fast Release - Designed to smoothly release perfect sushi donuts with just one press. Make them in seconds! Non-Stick - Has a striped and dotted inner texture that prevents rice from sticking. Less Mess - Minimizes handling ingredients with your bare hands for less mess. Food-Grade Material - Using food-grade plastic, it’s guaranteed safe and non-toxic. Easy to Use - No more rolling on mats. Just layer your ingredients, press to pack it in, and push out to release. SPECIFICATIONS Material: Plastic Size: 8 cm x 7 cm x 4 cm