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Stylish Face Shield

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We offer you an easy and safe way to protect your face with style. Introducing the Stylish Face Shield Glasses. Modern Face Shield Glasses is an INNOVATIVE FACE SHIELD that has an HD OPTICAL VIEW to ENSURE a CLEAR SIGHT while PROTECTING your EYES, NOSE, EARS, and MOUTH. It is made of HIGH-QUALITY material making it STURDY and DURABLE. It has a HIGH-DENSITY POLYTHYLENE CASING that PREVENTS your ENTIRE FACE from Dust, Pollen, Sand, Wind, or Small Particles. It is a GLASSES TYPE making it STYLISH, CONVENIENT and COMFORTABLE to WEAR BOTH for INDOOR and OUTDOOR. Stylish Face Shield Glasses is COATED with FOG and SCRATCH RESISTANT COATING that EFFECTIVELY LESSEN FOGGING and MINOR SCRATCHES. It is IDEAL for ALL AGES from KIDS to ELDERLY. It is SAFE and SUITABLE even with EYEGLASSES on. The SHIELD is EASY to CLEAN as it can BE WIPED, WASHED and DISINFECTED. It is REUSABLE and GUARANTEED to PROVIDE PROTECTION for a LONG TIME.