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Stainless Steel Metal Polishing Paste

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Are you worried about your metal products getting rusty and fading? Use this metal polishing paste to instantly restore the shine to your metal jewelry. MAIN FEATURES Amazing Metallic Sheen Apply the metal polishing paste directly to the metal jewelry that needs to be cleaned, then polish it with a rag, and you'll see brand new metal jewelry in no time. Wide Range Of Use Can Use for Kitchen, Car Care, Washroom, Home Care, Auto Care, Motorcycle Care, Marine Care, Metal Care, Industrial Equipment, even aerospace protectant, chrome polish, car polish. Additional Derusting Effect Stainless steel metal polishing paste, suitable for chrome-plated brass, kitchen utensils, automobiles, yachts, ceramics, equipment, machinery and more, with an amazing de-rusting effect. Safe Non-toxic High-quality materials, low volatility, no pungent smell, can be used for tableware and food utensils surface, after cleaning thoroughly rinse clean can be used directly. USING METHODS Just apply the polishing paste to the metal surface, wipe with a cloth, after a few minutes, then wipe clean and you've done and can get a bright mental.