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THE FLAWLESS COMPLEXION YOU DESERVE This new smart makeup applicator is one of the most revolutionary makeup tools in the market right now! It is an innovative vibrating applicator that will help make your skin flawless, smooth and radiant by using powerful and delicate vibrations and evenly spreading makeup on the skin. WORKS LIKE MAGIC With over 10,000 vibrations per minute, the soft and elastic puffs help give your skin a natural smooth tone and texture by spreading and adhering foundation, BB cream, CC cream, as well as other makeup bases thinly and evenly, without clogging your pores and by enhanced absorption. YOUTHFUL SKIN These 10,000 vibrations not only help achieve a flawless finish but also massages your skin, thereby increasing the circulation of blood and giving your skin a youthful glow. With these healthy vibrations, you get perfect V line as continued usage tightens your face skin and makes it more elasticated, hence delaying the aging process and eliminating wrinkles.