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Silicone Padded Forefoot Insoles

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Walk With Ease! Providing Your Feet With Non-Stop Comfort! ENHANCED BREATHABILITY- The insoles feature small holes designed into the silicone to increase breathability when in use and avoid over heated or high perspiration around the feet. PREVENTATIVE- With individually designed slots for each toe, the gel insole protects toes from rubbing together, which can be painful are cause calluses or hard, unwanted skin. PROTECTIVE- Protects feet against uncomfortable and hard to wear shoes like new or high heel shoes, for you to roam with the utmost of ease. ERGONOMIC- Silicone insoles are designed to shape the forefoot and are soft to the touch. The gel material acts as a cushion for your foot. ANTI-SLIP- Don’t worry about the insole moving around in your shoe as the material is anti-slip for maximum comfort and suitability. FLEXIBLE- The lightweight insole is highly flexible and stretches which allows it to fit most foot sizes. SAFE- The insoles are completely odourless and are free from non-toxic chemicals for your safety.