Reusable Cable Ties-100Pcs

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Tie messy cables just in 1 second! Releasable lever makes it easy to remove & adjustable! Reuse them as many times as you want! Tying & Organizing tightly & never falling off by itself. No More single-use cable ties! Made of industrial-grade Nylon 66, featuring UV-resistant and superior flexibility for durable usage. Features: Reusable for thousand times! Whenever you want to adjust tightness or remove it, just press the lever/button and release it, no need to cut! More environmental friendly than using single-use cable ties. No Slipping Off The tie wraps are with clear zippers for anti-slip performance. Organize in 1 Second! Easy installing and instantly lock cables in 1 seconds! Same as releasing. Free to Adjust Feature smooth rounded edges, making them easy on the hands, in addition to a finely spaced gear rack allowing for precise adjustment, forming a snug fit. Durable & Flexible Withstanding temperature from -45°F to 160°F. UV-resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The maximum tensile strength is ~50 pounds. Multi-Purpose Perfect for home/business/office/ garden and any intended use. Used for organizing wires & cords, securing loose objects and gardening plants etc. Specifications: Material: Nylon 66 Color: Black / White / Red / Green / Blue / Yellow Length (50pcs): 150mm Length (100pcs): 125mm & 150mm Maximum bundle diameter: 5cm