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Police car piggy bank

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Encourage children to develop the habit of saving and the value of money through play. SafeMoney is a piggy bank in the form of an armored police car, in which all coins and bills will be securely protected with a password. It has many features: the keypad to enter the code, fingerprint recognition, flashing lights, slot for coins, slot for banknotes and a large pantry. The rear door opens automatically when the password is entered correctly and a beep and lights warn if the password is incorrect. ✔ Exceptional design and attractive look ✔ PIN code lock ✔ Automatic banknote scroll function ✔ Flashing lights ✔ Automatic door opening ✔ An educational toy that is a great choice for a gift for any occasion CHANGE PIN To change the password, enter the default password 0000 to open the back door, then press and hold the "*" key. The red and blue lights will start flashing, at that moment a new password must be entered by pressing the "#" key. The red and blue lights will stop flashing. If you forget the password, remove the batteries and reset the password. Features: Works with 3AAA batteries (not included) Material: PU Black colour Size: 30 x 15 x15cm