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Professional Paint Jobs Made Quick And Easy! The Multifunctional Paint Roller Brush Tools Set is the new, quick and easy, professional paint roller system to get the job done! No mess, drips or splatter - just fill it with up to 1L of paint and you can have an entire wall painted in just 5 minutes or an entire room in just 20 minutes! Why is this paint roller brush tools set so great? No dipping means no mess Cost-effective as you use waste less paint Less timeclimbing up and down a ladder Less strain - no more bending over to dip your roller brush in the paint tray Covers a greater area faster and more evenly – creates a perfect finish on any surface, rough or smooth More convenientas you don't have to move your dipping tray all the time Paint an entire wall in 5 minutes or an entire room in 20! FEATURES: Spill-proof design - Available for both indoor and outdoor use. Large refillable 1L paint chamber within paint roller means no dipping required! Micro-fiber headdelivers an even coat every time with seamless paint distribution Flocked edger and corner pad – cutting in has never been cleaner or easier Easy to use– roll onto any surface for an even paint distribution every time Time-saving– paint an entire wall in 5 minutes or an entire room in 20 minutes Washable and Reusable - easy cleanup after each use Comes with an extended tube to reach heights that you can't get to with a normal brush The material of the brush is Super Fine Flocked, making it washable and reusable up to 200 times. Wash the roller after painting, dry it and store in a cool, dry place.