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Mineral Rich Magnetic Face Mask

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NEW REVOLUTIONARY MINERAL-RICH MAGNETIC MUD MASK FOR CLEAN, SMOOTHER, MORE RADIANT, HEALTHIER AND YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN. MAGNETIC FACE MASK COMBINES TRADITIONAL FACE MASK INGREDIENTS ALONG WITH IRON PARTICLES TO CREATE A MICRO-CURRENT IN THE SKIN WHEN THEY’RE USED WITH A MAGNET ENHANCING THE SKIN’S ABILITY TO HEAL ITSELF AND RESTORE THE FUNCTIONING OF AGING SKIN CELLS. Features: VITAMIN RICH: This wow-worthy face mask is made of Vitamin Rich Dead Sea Mud, which is packed with 24 kinds of skin-protecting and nourishing minerals that help to remove/clean dirt pores, impurities, and excess oil. UPGRADED ABILITY: AL'IVER magnetic face mask combines traditional face mask ingredients along with iron particles to create a micro-current in the skin when they're used with a magnet enhancing the skin's ability to heal itself and restore the functioning of aging skin cells. TREATMENT PRINCIPLE: Promoting the flow of blood circulation because the iron which was absorbed on skin after using the mask is attracted by the magnets. SENSITIVE SKIN ATTETION: AL'IVER is responsible for all the products we sold, but effect varied from different person's skin. Stop using if any abnormal reaction happened and contact us. CAPACITY & NORMAL DURATION: Unit counts for 1.7 fl oz and could last for Two months if under recommanded to use as Once/Twice per week.