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Metallic Shimmering Colored EcoPencils

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Unleash magical metallic beams from your drawings! Metallic Shimmering Colored EcoPencils reveal captivating metallic finishes, beautifully crafted with recycled wood, which is environmentally friendly, non- toxic, and odorless. Our metallic colored pencils feature rich, vibrantly pigmented colors, along with flexible leads that allow you to easily blend & shade; you can express your art in its purest form. Enjoy your time alone or with kids creating stunning drawings or inspirational art projects. Perfect for adult coloring books, color mixing, blending, doodling, drawing, painting, sketching, writing, shading, crafting, layering, and other artwork. FEATURES: METALLIC SHINE: Add shimmer and shine to your projects with these metallic colored Faber-Castell Eco pencils. VIVID PIGMENTATION: Smooth, bright colored pencils - Metallic Eco pencils feature highly pigmented leads for smooth, gorgeous color lay-down. ARTIST GRADE QUALITY: Adopt artist grade quality with a special formula that blends easily and doesn't flake. BREAK RESISTANT: Special secured bonding of Leads throughout the entire Pencil barrel means easy to sharpen pencils that are break resistant and last longer. GLOW IN DARK PAPER: Add a dazzling effect even on dark colored paper. SAFE TO USE: Odorless, non-toxic and safe to use by kids. COLOR SELECTION: Available in 12metallic shades. SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 175mm (Pencil Length); 3mm (Lead Diameter)