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Kids Car Set Head Supporter with Adjustable Belt

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THIS CAR SEAT HEAD SUPPORTER MAKES TRAVELING WITH THE CAR WAY MORE SAFER FOR YOUR CHILDREN! Children bobbing their heads while sleeping in the car is a problem experienced by millions of parents, and it's actually very dangerous. Our patented Car Seat Head Support prevents your child's head from falling forwards or sideways while napping in the car, giving you the peace of mind that your child is resting comfortably and safely in their seat. The product attaches to any car seat or high–back booster with adjustable straps. When the child is awake, the head strap is easily moved to the up position, above the child's head, without disturbing them. When the child falls asleep, the head strap is moved to the down position, parallel to the child's forehead, and the bobbing head problem is solved. NO MORE having to listen about how uncomfortable they are, how they hate the pillow you brought for them, or how they want to go home and sleep in their own bed. quiet kid before I have to turn the car around. Kidding...I need grandma to watch you for five days so I can catch up on years of missed sleep. YOUR CHILD WILL... SPEND LESS TIME WHINING AND MORE TIME SLEEPING NOT DRIVE YOU CLINICALLY INSANE WHILE DRIVING FEATURES: ?100% brand new and high quality ? Nursing pillow can be extent to shoulder, to protect and support the cheek of baby-the sleeping baby can be safe and comfortable ? Hook and Loop design for the neck position, Mom can adjust according to the size of the baby's head ? Enjoy a long, relaxing drive and let your kids' "bobbing heads" have a rest, while you peacefully reach your destination.