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Isn't it hard and time-consuming to put on a bracelet with a very small clasp? But with the Jewelry Fastening Tool, you can wear your bracelets without struggles! Designed to help everyone with difficulty in putting on a bracelet, this bracelet fastening tool is lightweight, easy to use, and can be used without damaging the clasp. FEATURES: No EXTRA Helping Hands Needed Fasten bracelet in a heartbeat without needing another hand to help! Do it quickly and easily on your own with the help of this bracelet fastening tool. Ergonomic Clip Design The clip holds one end of the clasp so your free hand can wrap the bracelet around your wrist to secure the clasp! Intricate Design and Finish Intricately designed and with an elegant finish, it stands out even among your jewelry collection. Ideal for someone who suffers from Arthritis Helpful for people who suffer from arthritis and other joint problems. Wear bracelets without hassle! No more fumbling around tight bracelet clasps! Fasten bracelet clasps in a blink of an eye with the Jewelry Fastening Tool! SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Plastic Color: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver Size: 7inch