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Infrared Snore Stopper

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Say No To Ear Plugs From Tonight! Lets have a good night sleep from now! Infrared snore stopper is a revolutionary device designed to reduce snoring through a new nerve stimulation process. Features REDUCE SNORES WHILE SLEEPING: Utilizes the body's natural biofeedback mechanism by stimulating the nerves in the wrist area and you will stop snoring. BETTER SLEEP IS BETTER HEALTH: Improve the quality of your sleep with the and feel the difference. HELP THOSE AROUND YOU SLEEP BETTER: Stop snoring and heavy breathing, allowing others to fall asleep with you peacefully. SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT: durable watch with a comfortable wristband easy to operate and convenient to use. How To Use Step 1: Peel of gel protection cover. (Becareful not to touch the gel pads) Step 2: Press down firmly, remove the other protection cover. Step 3: Adjust wristband until it fit your hand. Step 4: To test the snore stop watch adjust the dial to the desired pulse intensity. Step 5: Push the button 3 times slowly ad evenly. Step 6: A mild acupuncture pulse will be delivered to the surface of the skin. Step 7: You can adjust the pulse intensity accordingly. Step 8: Press the button 3 times to test. Step 9: Once finished turn dial to zero. Step 10: Remove watch taking care not to touch the gel pad and place protective cover over the pads, store safely. Warm Hint: Place the watch high upon the wrist, that area is more sensitive.