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Gel Scar Therapy

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Heal your scars without surgery! Save yourself (and your wallet) the trouble of going through surgery. With the Gel Scar Therapy Patch, you can effectively heal your scars and keloids! It is an adhesive patch made of medical grade silicone that helps repair scar tissues, leaving you with a barely noticeable scar in 2 to 4 months! Simply peel off the patch and apply it over your scar*! *Do not use on open wounds. In case of irritation or allergic reaction, refrain from using the patches. FEATURES Easy to use and apply Heal scars and keloids within 2-4 months! Soft, reusable, and perfect to use on scars and closed wounds Made of medical grade silicone that repairs scar tissues Instructions for application Wash hands before application. Gently clean the scar and surrounding skin using warm water and dry thoroughly. Cut out the silicone gel sheet big enough to cover the scar, leaving a small amount of excess Remove the film from the sheet and apply the silicone gel sheet to the scar without stretching When not in use, wash the gel sheet twice a day with mild soap and water. The silicone gel sheet can be used for 2-4 weeks