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FEATURES & BENEFITS Gives you extra storage place in the unused space under shelves The customizable design snaps onto any shelf in any fridge Smooth glide track design opens and closes easily No tools required - Installs in seconds Bonus Fresh Green Liners – Extend the life of your fruits/vegetables and reduce waste Organizing kids lunches in the refrigerator or freezer Wasted space under kitchen cabinets Maximizing storage in the pantry PACE-SAVING DESIGN: Thanks to their ergonomic handles, each refrigerator storage bin provides hassle-free convenience, allowing you to move food anywhere in the kitchen. And because they’re stackable, they optimize space and work perfectly in your freezer. Create and maximize shelf space with SMART DESIGN's Adjustable Instant Drawers. Ideal for organizing your refrigerator, kitchen pantry, closet and garage. Easy to install and no tools required. Fits most shelves using adjustable rails and hooks. Fits most standard size refrigerator shelves; measure shelf dimensions for proper fitment Rails extend from 13.75 inches to 22.6 inches long; hooks are adjustable from 0.7 inches to 1.2 inches high refrigerator and freezer safe; holds up to 20 pounds; detachable Comes fully assembled for a quick and easy install; no tools required SIZE small:13.75 to 22.6 x 7.8 x 4.5 to 5 inches ( L x W x H) large:13.75 to 22.6 x 9 x 6.25 to 6.85 inches ( L x W x H) How much unused space is hiding in your fridge? Food gets forgotten in the fridge and ends up covered in mold. But Fridge Mate organizes food and keeps it right at your fingertips. The extra deep drawer is ideal for storing all your items. Just look at how much extra room Fridge Mate gives you. It’s great for organizing kids’ lunches. Egg-celent for keeping eggs safe and secure in the drawer. Create a dairy drawer, a fresh fruit drawer or a drawer for cold cuts. The smooth glide track design opens and closes easily.