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Electric head comb Remove the flea louse

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Developed through years of research in our urgent care lice clinics - the world’s largest network of lice clinics - to treat lice safely and effectively. Unique Benefits Safe, non-toxic & pesticide-free Effectively treats lice & super lice Super mute, no pet discomfort REMOVE LICE DEVICES TO HELP GET RID OF LICE - SAFE, FAST, AND CONFIDENT. 1. Comb the wool and fleas at the same time. Clean the space between the needles with a brush before use. Dust or debris from the needles will affect the result of deactivation. Keep the needle clean 2. Lice, fleas are collected automatically TREAT LICE WITH THE ONLY TOPICAL SOLUTION FROM THE Our Lice Remover Kit is a safe, easy, and effective way to treat lice and super lice. Trusted Expertise – Doctor recommended; Easy-Dispense Applicator – Evenly distributes gel throughout hair, from roots to ends, to coat lice and eggs Effective, Mess-free Treatment Gel – Proprietary liquid gel clings to hair and stays in place; no drips, no messes Safe, Non-toxic, and Pesticide-Free Formula – Harsh on lice and super lice, with no harmful chemicals or pesticides Premium, Metal Lice & Nit Comb – Quickly and easily remove lice and eggs Complete Kit – Includes everything needed to effectively treat lice: 5.25 oz. gel, easy-use applicator, and premium metal lice & nit comb AVOID THE AGGRAVATION OF INEFFECTIVE TREATMENTS AND SELECT A PROVEN SOLUTION TO GET RID OF LICE, SO YOU CAN MAKE YOUR SCHEDULE YOURS AGAIN AND SPEND TIME WHERE IT MATTERS MOST – ON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT LICE & YOUR TREATMENT OPTIONS First, understand that lice have nothing to do with cleanliness or hygiene. Anyone can get lice – it only takes having hair. Second, make sure you are dealing with an active case of lice - which means finding a live louse and/or a nit (egg) that is close to the scalp. Because lice are small (size of a sesame seed) and move fast as you search, special lice or nit comb may be needed. Then, know that there are only three ways to get rid of lice - which can be made confusing. You can either: Manually comb out the lice & eggs (physical removal), Apply an effective topical treatment twice (on day 1 and on day 10) such as our Lice Remover Kit, or Utilize one-time, heated air lice clinic treatment technology Select an effective treatment solution – as not all are – that is best for you, your family, and the time you have available. Then complete per the directions provided.