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MAKE WOODWORKING FASTER & EASIER! The Corner Clamp Kit provides a welcome hand while on the job by firmly holding your boards together while you're screwing, gluing or drilling! Save your time & energy and increase your productivity during your next project. Hold your boards in perfect alignment for accurate corners, every time with the Corner Clamp Kit! EASILY ALIGN & HOLD BOARDS TOGETHER The Corner Clamp Kit eliminates frustration and provides a quick and easy solution for shifting boards. Effortlessly fix, align & hold your workpieces together with precision and perfect alignment. Ideal for drawers, box construction, frames, cabinets & more! WORK SMARTER & INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY Save time, energy and focus by quickly and easily clamping your boards together. Experience fast and accurate corner clamping for both 90° corners and T joints! Make your projects faster, easier & more efficient with the Corner Clamp Kit! STRONG, FIRM & RELIABLE HOLD The Corner Clamps are strong, spring-loaded and provide a firm & reliable hold. The tough & durable build of these Corner Clamps allow them to withstand use on any job site or project. SPECIFICATIONS ✓ Total Length: 3.1 in / 78 mm ✓ Maximum Width: 3.3 in / 85 mm ✓ Maximum Height: 2.0 in / 51 mm PERFECT, ACCURATE CORNERS - EVERY TIME! Whether you are constructing boxes, cabinets or cases - the Corner Clamp Kit makes getting perfect corners a breeze! The Corner Clamp Kit gives you an extra set of hands that securely hold your pieces for you. Experience the fastest & easiest way to improve your efficiency during any woodworking project through firm & accurate holds!