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Carving Bits 20mm

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CARVE WITH HIGH EFFICIENT USING THESE INNOVATIVE CARVING BITS Rotary burrs carving bits are essential tools in any carpentry, DIY, and home repair work. They are used for cutting, shaping, grinding, removal of sharp edges and excess material (deburring) on wood surfaces.-Carving Bits will make your job much easier and faster. It can be installed on most standard models of handheld electric driller. It is suitable for everyone from any skill level as it is easy to use. Carving Bits is surely a must-have for all carvers and enthusiasts who love working on wood or metal. FEATURES CARVES ROUND EDGES EASILY The round-shaped carving bit head can be used to make concave cuts or carve on rounded edge. The grains on the round-shaped carving bit can be used to carve rounded side cuts. STRONG AND DURABLE MATERIAL These carving bits are made of heat-treated tungsten carbide which is known to be sharp and sturdy. Its hardness can reach up to above HRA85. It is strong and it can be used for a long period of time. WIDE APPLICATION It can be installed and used with most of the standard models of handheld electric drillers. It is widely used for metalwork, tool making, wood carving, jewelry making, deburring, drilling and sculpting. Benson M., USA "I loved to carve different pieces of art with wood during my free time. This is the perfect tool for me as it can carve organic-looking rounded edge and make holes in my woods easily." POLISH ANGLES EFFECTIVELY It is recommended to use these bits in slower speed than normal, or you can set your driller speed to 35000RPM. Start your tool slowly and increase the speed to the optimal level. When using these bits, you will just need to apply a little pressure and let them do the hard work. EASY TO USE It is pretty easy to use, install it into your driller like regular bits and you can start carving with it. It is an essential carving bits for woodworkers and enthusiasts who likes to carves or works with metal frequently. SPECIFICATIONS MATERIAL: Tungsten Carbide BIT DIAMETER: 1/4" Shank PRODUCT SIZE: Refer to size chart image below.