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Cactus Dog Toothbrush

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Let Your Pup Take Control of Its Own Dental Health! STRONG AND DURABLE FOR YOUR DOG'S TEETH We've upgraded the material from previous iterations so it can withstand dog chewing and biting much better, be rest assured this will last you a long time. NATURAL RUBBER, NON-TOXIC MATERIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY We made sure the materials used to make this toothbrush toy will not harm your dog in anyway and it is 100% completely safe for dogs to chew and play with. FULL UNIDIRECTIONAL 360 DEGREE CLEANING The cactus like structure allows our dog toothbrush toy to brush your dog's teeth no matter what angle your dog is chewing this toy, making sure they always get a proper clean. EASIER AND MORE FUN WAY TO BRUSH YOUR DOG'S TEETH Your dog will have fun chewing on this toy and at the same time they will be brushing their teeth, freshening their breath. This is great for dogs who don't like the traditional toothbrushes in their mouth. USE THIS TOOTHBRUSH TOY IN 3 EASY STEPS STEP 1 Pour toothpaste onto the middle part of the toothbrush STEP 2 Let your dog have fun with the toothbrush toy STEP 3 Rince and wash the toothbrush toy. Let it dry.