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Baby Water Mat

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Help Your Baby Grow To Be Strong & HealthyTummy Time Mat turns learning and growing into fun. -Calms your baby and keeps them busy -Developes cause and effect learning for your baby -Helps grows and strengthen babies muscles Encourages Sensory Stimulation & Cognitive Learning Our Tummy Time Mat allows baby's to watch, touch & play with the floating fish to increase hand eye coordination A Perfect Activity for Tummy Time Build baby's muscles and joints to prepare him/her for exploring the world further on his/her own. It also prevents the back of baby's head from developing flat spots. Designed With Adorably Eye Catching Graphics The vibrant colors, sharp contrasts, and cute floating toys will make any little tyke wide, eyed and fascinated. It's a fun water mat specially designed for babies! Fully Inflatable & Easy to Setup Simply fill the outer ring with air and then the inner mat with enough water from the tap. Afterwards, make sure that you tightly lock the opening valves. Set it on the floor and let the fun begin!