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All New Jewel Long Lasting Mirror Lipstick

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From powerful rouge to delicate nude, our cutting-edge lipsticks are made for every shade of you. "I Am Shining!!" Miss HOJO glare lipstick, lips shine, let me shine instantly at any time. HOJO borns in France, standing for romance and unrestrainedness. It has been loved by ladies and celebrities all over the world. HOJO is an edible lipstick that is safe and non-toxic and has a food safety certificate. That's easy to apply and keeps makeup for a whole day without fading. Discover all the HOJO lipsticks for perfectly made-up lips in a single stroke. Matte, luminous or satiny finishes; radiant shades; with a moisturizing effect or long wear, our lipsticks meet every desire to match every personality. The French HOJO, which brings the color to the fascination, lifts the lipstick to another level and becomes a symbol of flattering temptation. Bright red or pink, bright orange or bare brown, it can meet your requirements one by one. That creates a different image for you: charming, pretty fashion, noble and elegant... HOJO draws endless inspiration from the faces and expressions of women around the globe. Subtle differences in complexion, pale or sun-kissed, the beauty of a variety of glimmering hues, the magic of cases and compacts, irresistible «objects of desire»... Such are the threads woven into an all-encompassing creative process. HOJO draws on peerless expertise in capturing true radiance to reveal a person’s aura and reflect the natural beauty of the face. About the product - Perfect Lipstick for Girl,Women .Comfortable Wear ,Smooth, Creamy Feel. - Features: Non-stick cup / Long Lasting Maintain/ Waterproof/ Water-Resistant / Without fading / Meltdown. - Not stick cup, do not fade, matte dry only lightly purse one's lips, otherwise it will stick.