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4 In 1 Laser Measuring Tool

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Your Multipurpose Handy Tool for Carpentry Projects! The 4 In 1 Laser Measuring Tool is a necessity for every home. It is suitable for hanging pictures, installing shelves, adjusting furniture position, laying floors, hanging wallpapers and so much more that you can think of. A good home improvement tool that combines a fine-tuned tape measure, a triple- positioned level, bubble light and a laser beam into one to provide maximum and accurate results. Multipurpose Use A major improvement featuring the latest multi-pronged measurements technology from other and older versions. Ideal for any job that requires a straight line or accurate measurement. Suitable for hanging pictures, installing and adjusting furniture position, aligning floor tiles and many other carpentry projects. 3-Pronged Approach with Pinpoint Accuracy Laser Level Deliver pinpoint energy in a snap by projecting horizontal or vertical laser light beam. It combines a fine-tuned tape measure, a triple-positioned leveling bubble and a laser level for determining horizontal and vertical plane to provide more accurate results. The design is light in weight, easy to handle and fits just right into your tool box or even pocket. Measuring Tape Quick Access It comes with an 8-foot measuring tape. Just press the key button when pulling out the measuring tape. And, loosen the key button to lock the reel when the measuring tape have been drawn out to the length you wanted. Three Level Types Of Bubble With Bottom Scale Feature a vertical level bubble, horizontal level bubble and 45-degree bubble. Strong durability, the tool is made of aluminum alloy base with measuring scale ruler. Battery Powered Mode Ship with 3 x AG13 button-cells batteries for maximum convenience. Laser light has an on/off power switch. SPECIFICATIONS Material: ABS plastic Measurement: H-63mm W-35mm L-188mm Laser wavelength: 650nm-680nm Power supply: AG13 battery Net weight: 172G Accuracy: 0.01 PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 × 4 In 1 Laser Measuring Tool