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Makes measuring anything faster, easier, & more efficient! The 3-in1 Measure King is the world's best tape measurer. Measure King's 3-in-1 tape ensures accuracy with three ways to measure. The line tape mode uses traditional measuring string that is made from flexible nylon that can bend around objects. The rolling track mode allows you to measure curves and different objects simply by rolling it across the surface - you can measure up to 999 inches! And the laser mode allows you to measure across the room or large distances with the click of a button. 3-in1 Measure King features a bright LED digital readout, has built-in memory storage, and can easily toggle between standard and metric units. Built to contractor standards, it's tough, rugged, durable, and gives dead-accurate measurements every time. Features & Benefits: 3 different measurentment modes (line tape mode, roll mode, laser mode) Heavy duty, construction grade Large digital LED display Unit of measurement options Measures with complete accurary Measure Anything - curves, irregular objects, straligth lines, large distances & more!