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10 Color Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

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10 Color Glitter Liquid Eyeliner is a great way to literally add some sparkle to your look. With the 10 colors in this set and by using glitter, with or without a base coat of regular eyeshadow, you can create any effect you like, from subtle and natural to bold and exotic. Whether you want to just dress up your everyday look a bit, or craft an extra-special look for a night on the town, this set will have you covered. Colorful Eyeliner - 10 colorful glitter eyeliner, wonderful for Birthday Party, Cosmetic Show,and Wedding Makeup Great Effect You Want - Professional glitter liquid eyeliner, waterproof glitter,instant drying and long time hold on. Metallic Glitter Sparkling Effect will satisfy you Easy To Use - You need just draw the eyeliner base directly, no glue, metallic glitter eyeliner will provide you with shiny eye makeup Perfect Makeup - You can draw the eyeliner easily and get metallic glitter shiny eye makeup,long time staying makeup Package Contents: 1 set 10 Color Glitter Liquid Eyeliner (10pcs)